Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maybank Online Trade Step by Step

Today it’s not enough for us to just work and earn a salary. To do the things we want to do, go the places we want to go, and have the things we want to have in our life, we absolutely must save and invest intelligently.The income from our investments and the net gains we can make will let us reach our goals and provide real security. One of the way is through Online Share Investment. Below I will show you step by step how to open Maybank trading account and start your investment.

Guidline to Online Trading through

  1. Sign up to your nearest Maybank Share Investment Center
  2. Pay sign up fees
    • RM 10.00 for CDS account opening fee
    • RM 10.00 for Stamp Duty for Letter of Offer

For First Time Log In:
  • After registered new Maybank2u accout at ATM machine using your ATM Card
  • Select "Maybank2u Online Banking application"
  • Key in "Pin Number" (Other than ATM Card Pin Number) to set your internet banking pin number
  • After that go to your computer and visit, click "login"
  • Select " first time login"
  • Read the terms and conditions carfully and click "accept"
  • Enter your "access number" (16 digits number printed on your ATM card) and "Pin Number" then click "Activate"
  • Select your preferred "username" and "password" for all future access.
To activate your trading account online:
  • After approval your CDS account go to maybank2u website and log in
  • Select "Investment"
  • Select "Online Stock"
  • Select "real Market Info"
  • Click on "Activate Account"
  • Select "Maybank Share Investment Center" on the Online Stocks "Welcome" page
  • Fill up required information and click "Submit"
  • Choose example"14057-Jalan Ampang" as your designated Share Investment Center
  • You will then be directed to Online Stock Main page
  • Click on "Live Quotes" to view your desired stocks
Now you can start your trading. Good luck!


  1. how much will i have to deposit in order to start trading........

  2. It depend on risk you able to take.What I can suggest, you can start with RM 5000 that equal 5000 units RM 1 share or 10000 units 0.5 share.You can still earn the profit even just 2 - 3 % increased.