Saturday, November 6, 2010

Online Trading With Maybank2u

Do you know how to make an investment on share trading using Maybank2u Online? It very easy. Just click and click.....
Actually I'm already started my trade using this platform without any help from ebook or advisor. I just went to Maybank and ask to open the investment account. Firstly you must open the Maybak2u account after that only you can apply for share trading account. It just cost you not more than RM 20.00 for some fees. These two accounts will be linked so that you can transfer money from Maybank2u to your Trading account. Anyway,before you start your trade or investment the most important is study how to invest either through books or experienced people. Actually I'm still new in this field and my opinion the best learn is through experiences. Just put some money in your account and try to click and and sell. It very interesting like you do "lelong" in Tiga Abdul Story. The higher buyer bid, the higher his possibility to buy the share. The lower seller bid, the higher his possibility to sell the share. It like a competition. However be carefull, trade in stock always manipulated by "Giant People" who invest millions of his money.Through his purchasing power it will control the share price on market.
You can start learning using the historical chart and chart analysis tool given in the platform. With enough information on your selected share you can predict either the share will rise up or fall. Normally people buy the share during falling time or lower price and sell when it rise up at cirtain target. But it will not always true. Some shares still keep increasing even reached higher price and some shares keep falling, lower and lower.
Trading with Maybank2u or other online trade platform giving you some advantages. The brokerage fee for Maybank is just at 0.1% or minimum RM 8.00 per trade compare to normal trade (through broker) which is 0.6% or minimum RM 40.00 per trade. So you can still make profit even you trade in small gain margin of 2-3%. Also the trade is very fast you can buy and sell or cancel the order through your mouse, click and click...

So what are you waiting for? Lets start our trade......
See you in next post. I will show you some trading examples.

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